Visuals are just the first step when entering a story. The image is there to provoke, intrigue, and invite the observer to explore deeper. 
With a rich background in group facilitation and public participation (Art of Hosting, tactical urbanism, beyond storytelling), I offer several workshops to deepen our understanding of art and philosophy. 
Home Sessions are philosophical workshops designed to take us deeper into
our own stories and observe them through different lenses.  

Flying on the wings of stories and fables - yet rooting in profound theory and ancestral wisdom, the participant's journey in these seminars is both collective and self-reflective.
It includes a peek into the stories behind the photographs, a review of human sociology research and philosophy, and some new perspectives on the individual's own journey to find a home in modern times.

The workshops take place in the exhibition space, in the format of evening (3 hours) or day sessions (6 hours).
The number of participants can be between 10 to 30 participants.
*Home sessions can take an online format. Contact for more details. 
The philosophy of home is a field of research that has not been explored much yet it is highly relevant to anyone who is conscious of their habitat. 
Understanding home is not understanding just our own experience, but also others' experiences, whether individuals, communities, cultures or humanity as a whole. 
Seminars can take between 3-5 days, where we dive into the different dimensions that define our homes. This special journey can benefit teams, organizations, students, refugees, or any group who wishes to take together a profound path to self-realization.
The content of the seminar can be adapted to the needs of the individuals or to the spirit of the group.  
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