We all yearn for a place to call home—a sanctuary where our bodies and minds can find solace. Throughout history, this sense of safety has been intertwined with movement and wanderlust, gradually transforming into a more rooted and contained concept within physical space. In the 17th century, the modern idea of home as a private realm emerged, and ever since, we have embraced this notion as an essential aspect of human existence on our planet. In the modern age, as the possibilities for exploring different landscapes increase and trends of economic, political, and environmental displacement become more prevalent, we face a unique challenge. We strive to uphold the idea of home that accommodates the individual subjectivity of the fluid, ever-evolving individual while adapting to the constantly shifting circumstances that both shape and reflect our growing, and sometimes conflicting, desires. The project “Between a Shelter and a Cage” represents the culmination of a personal five-year journey of shadow work. Its purpose is to deconstruct the romanticized notion of home and present a more nuanced perspective that acknowledges the inherent trade-offs between stability and freedom. The exhibition intricately explores this concept through five distinct dimensions, spanning from the macro perspective of physical structures to the metaphysical realm of the mind. This transformative journey aims to convey the intricate interplay of comfort and constraint and invites viewers to deeply ponder the complex nature of safety in contemporary times.

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