Image Inquiry is a method of photographing a person in a way that reflects their most authentic self.
It's not your usual modeling session, but a guided therapeutic session where I work with the subject to reveal all layers of self-image and translate them into a series of high-quality photographs.
Each session is divided into two parts: In the first part, we explore the way the subject sees themselves, discuss any issues or traumas related to their body, and explore the different ways they desire to be seen.
In the second part, we manifest those desires in a special photo shoot that expresses freedom, acceptance, and authenticity.
Some important highlights:

- The session is quite intimate but does not include any type of touch.
- You can be nude, dressed, dragged, or use any props you wish to express yourself.
- All bodies and gender identities are welcome!
- The photoshoot session can be indoors or outdoors in any location you choose.
- The duration of each session is between 2 to 3 hours.
- The contribution for the session is not a fixed amount but is based on financial ability.
At the end of the process, you will receive 15-20 high-quality edited digital photos that show who you REALLY are.

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