“At times we think we know ourselves in time, when all we know is a sequence of fixations in the spaces of the being’s stability—a being who does not want to melt away, and who, even in the past, when he sets out in search of things past, wants time to “suspend” its flight. In its countless alveoli space contains compressed time.”

Gaston Bachelard
Born, raised, and lived all of his life in the same house, this is a glimpse into Per’s home. Since his parents deceased a few years back, Per has refused to clear any of their belongings and kept most of the space untouched.   
“Because we can rely on no settled identity nor even a settled, absolute, given world, we live with a fundamental anxiety. There is ultimately no escaping from this anxiety, just as there is no escaping the fact that we are beings who are always making ourselves at home and always such that we are never completely at home. We are forever becoming at home.” 

Martin Heidegger


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